Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bird earrings

There was a time, around 10 years ago, when brown was my favorite color of clothing. I guess it was the hippie in me, struggling valiantly to stock my wardrobe in nothing but earth tones. Back then, an all-brown outfit, with a paisley top no less (I love paisley!), would have probably made me sing with joy. Those days are behind me; now brown alone (even multiple shades of it!) is not enough to satisfy my need for lots of color.

That's why this blog post is all about the tiniest part of my outfit—the earrings! I bought them just a couple months ago, for a whopping 6 dollars. They were fair trade, so I can feel good about the extra expense, and I was on vacation, one of few circumstances in which I let myself disregard my price limits. There were many birds to choose from, but I needed yellow earrings at the time, so these finches seemed like a good, versatile choice (of course, just as with my star-studded boots from last week, I neglected to consider that such an ostentatious motif might make the earrings difficult to coordinate, even if they were the right color!).

Fortunately, when the rest of your outfit is (so extremely boringly!) neutral, bright yellow birds can be a perfect accent piece!

I must hereby offer the disclaimer that, though I'm calling these birds goldfinches, the coloring isn't quite right and the shape is a little too long and slender. They are made by a Kenyan artisan, and  probably represent some unique African bird that I'm not familiar with, but I really have no idea. I'm an Unfashionista, not an ornithologist!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Foxy and Fun

 Saturday is a day for cute animal sweaters and jeans.

This cute fox sweater initially disappointed me, being a little too short and a little too wide for my torso, but I managed to sew it into submission, and I found it looks really adorable over a camisole with an extra-long lace hem.

Little did I know the fox and I had both struck the same pose!
For footwear, I checked off another box on my unworn boots list, finally making use of a pair of camel suede boots I bought way back in October (on the same thrift store run where I acquired my green heart necklace). At first I thought these boots were a bad purchase, because the slightly elongated round toes made my feet look big, but after having worn them a day, I have to say I love how they look on my legs, and I love how comfortable they feel! I think I'll keep them around for a while.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Gold Stars

This winter has dragged on for far too long with far too few warm spells to break it up. Despite several mid-season shopping trips, I've worn through every garment I have that's suited for cold weather.

The one and only thing that continues to add new life to my wardrobe is boots. The fruits of my boot-shopping spree of last fall were finally running out when I went on another one last week. I purchased 3 pairs of over-the-knee boots in a variety of colors, 2 pairs of knee high boots, and one pair of mid-calf boots, which I sincerely hope will last me until spring arrives. Oh, and there was this one pair of denim booties with gold stars that I'd found on eBay a while back.

Denim's basically a neutral, I thought when I bought them, and gold is a neutral too, so surely I won't have any trouble coordinating with these nifty boots! Sometimes my thought processes mystify even me. Unsurprisingly, my so-called "neutral" boots proved way too distinctive for most purposes, until I finally decided to make them the focal point of my outfit.

I would really like to work on my ability to do something other than matchy-matchy, but today was not the day for such experimentation. To go with the indigo denim on the shoes, I wore a darker pair of blue skinny jeans. To go with the gold of the stars, I wore a gold top. My first attempt at this outfit saw me wearing my good old gold tunic sweater, but that wasn't quite good enough. I figured what this outfit really needed was a second layer, so I traded the sweater for a sleeveless blouse and added a long navy cardigan. The flowy cardigan adds interest to the silhouette (as do the dangling waist ties of the top), and the excess of navy made the gold seem that much more precious.

Monday, March 5, 2018


After I noticed that I was wearing an unusually high number of red outfits in February, I felt it was necessary to document every remaining outfit I wore through the end of the month.

This one is fairly similar to when I first altered this dress, except I traded the black boots for red ones (naturally!) and silver jewelry for gold. I also made the original alteration permanent, so now this dress will never be anything but stepped.

For my last red-based outfit of the month, I actually only used red as an accent. The bulk of the look came from my grey sweater dress, but I wore burgundy boots and a long cherry-themed necklace.

Now that it's March (and I've basically worn everything red in my wardrobe), I guess it's time to move on to green!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Modern Gatsby

The dress code for the D.C. Distillers' Festival was "Modern Gatsby." What does that mean?, I mused. I'm sure it meant that I should dress with a nod to the 1920's, but how much of a nod? How much modern and how much Gatsby would be right for this party?

Fortunately, unlike many of my night-out decisions, this one didn't take me very long. I have a 1920's-inspired dress that I bought last spring, planning to wear it to Repeal Day, which we have gone to every year since 2014. We did not go this year. Consequently, my fringed sequined dress has been sitting in bag in my closet for months. Rather than let it sit any longer, I decided to go as full-on Gatsby as possible.

To go with the dress, I had a similar sequined headband, which I'd bought on clearance and which had also been waiting in the closet for months.

My handsome mobster in the background
I didn't have any appropriate Prohibition-era shoes, so I went with my low-heeled silver glitter ones, because one can never go wrong with glitter, and I liked the idea of actually being able to walk around without pain!

I couldn't do much to make my growing-out hair look much like a proper flapper bob, so I tried to make up for it with my makeup. Darkly shadowed eyes with as much underline as I could dare, and my best approximation of a cupid's-bow lip.

Yes, by this time the eyeshadow has smudged,
and I've put too much lipstick on the outer
edges of my lower lip, but I tried!

I think the outfit was a good choice. Most of the attendees were wearing similar getups, and I even got a compliment from the burlesque dancer. That's how you know you've succeeded—when someone who gets paid to wear a costume has something nice to say about yours!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The very weird wrap skirt

I might have found a new contender for the Ultimate Green and Purple combo, and it doesn't even require a whole outfit to earn the title! It's this skirt! I tried to think of a way to describe it, perhaps a snappy two-word phrase that could become the title of this post, but I couldn't. It's just too weird!

I mean, look at it! Purple leopard print on the bottom, and on the top, a blue-green field covered in what I could only describe as upside-down trees.

Upside-down trees! What will they think of next?

Like all my newest favorite garments, this one came from Swap.com [Referral link], and it totally exceeded my expectations. When I bought it based on nothing more than a single flat-lay photo, I expected it to be around knee length and to have two layers. When I received it, I was astonished to find that it went all the way to my calves, and it was actually a generous wrap skirt that ended up being three layers of silky extravagance!

I didn't pay much attention to the patterns when I bought it, focusing more on the colors and whether I thought it would be an appropriate length for work, but once I had the time to scrutinize it, I really fell in love with them. Leopard spots and upside-down trees. Who comes up with a combination like that? Certainly not me! I'm not daring enough to mix patterns despite my steeliest resolve, but the colors tie them together so well that they work.

And of course, did I mention I'm really in  love with the upside-down trees?

I will adore this skirt with all my heart...but probably not for very long. Eventually I'll run out of new purple and green things to wear them with, and if I'm not daring enough to mix prints, I'm definitely not daring enough to mix color families!

Monday, February 19, 2018


February is always the month for red, but this particular February, I've gone, unintentionally, quite overboard. From my monochromatic first post of the month, to my black, white, and red maxi skirt outfit, to my Valentine's Day look, it's just been one crimson costume after another. Today, I continued in that grand tradition by re-wearing the red sweater dress, this time with brown coordinates.

Up top, we have my cropped brown-and-black cardigan; down below, my beloved brown lace-up boots (still going strong after 6 years). I wouldn't have considered this outfit blogworthy, except that I happened to pair it with some jewelry I made myself.

Once a wrap-around coating on a pair of hoop earrings that fell apart, this cherry-red metal mesh sat in my jewelry-salvage collection for a long time before I decided one can never have too many chokers! I made myself a red necklace and had just enough material left to construct a matching bracelet.

Putting the bracelet on, however, was a wearisome task I have no wish to repeat, so I think I might turn it into a pair of dangly disco earrings. Stay tuned!

What do you think? Is a new identity in this bracelet's future?